Registration for RecyclingDesignAward 2021/2022

Three steps are required for registration
You need to have among others:

  • personal data (and if necessary: names of team members)
  • short biography
  • description of the project
  • what materials were used, their source and how they were acquired
  • four photographs in printable, high resolution 300 dpi related to DIN A5 (with copyright information), two complete views from two perspectives, two showing details
  • working drawings in outline or assembly instructions, with sketches if you wish
  • Optional: information about the production technique (.rtf .doc .pdf)
  • Optional: There is a possibility to upload two files with further information (.rtf .doc .pdf) e.g. if you have prepared a little booklet for your project. This is however, not a precondition for your participation.

  • first step
  • Fillout the text-form
  • Please select which files you want to transfer

  • second step
  • Click upload
  • Please be aware that data transfer can take some time dependant upon the size of pictures and the speed of your internet connection.

  • third step
  • Please wait for the acknowledgement from the server.